950 SLO

T655 DTH

T655 DTH: laying pipeline on the rock.

T655 DTH

T655 DTH

RTX 1250

RTX 1250: laying pipeline on the rock.

Tonello Servizi srl

In 1993 Tonello started the rental of a particular digger, called “trencher”. Trencher is able to realize excavation for the laying of any kind of pipeline. These diggers have been planned and assembled both by Vermeer Manufactory Company and by Tesmec SpA The trenchers reduce the time for the laying of pipelines, aqueducts, sewers, fibre optics, power lines, telephone; allow to operate on different types of ground: rock ballast in concrete, asphalt and crushed natural soils excavated material and making it suitable for rinterro. Are both on track to be near docks or manufactured by their arm traslabile.

  • Reductio of working times
  • Reliability and no stop productivity
  • Operativity in boundary conditions
  • Adaptation to extreme conditions of rock
  • Reuse of the material excavated
Vermeer T-655 DTH150 cm35 - 45 cm
Vermeer T-655 DTH195 cm45 - 60 cm
Tesmec 950 SLO200 cm40 cm
Vermeer RTX 1250
a disco
100 cm12 - 15 -20 cm
Vermeer RTX 1250120 cm25 - 28 cm

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